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Our dedicated finance team will take care of your books and prepare
your accounts along with a snapshot of your financial highlights.

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Why do I need bookkeeping?
Bookkeeping will help you understand where you stand from a financial point of view and assist in making informed and proper financial decisions. 

How can oBiz help my business?
We will take care of your bookkeeping needs, allowing you to focus more on the growth of your business.

How do I start using oBiz’s bookkeeping services?
Starting with our services is easy. Visit our website, choose the service package that suits your needs and follow the steps to purchase.

What kind of businesses does oBiz cater to?
oBiz caters to all types of businesses – small, medium or large, across various industries. 

Does oBiz use accounting software for accounting?
Yes, all the financial transactions will be entered into an accounting software.

Do we get access to the software?
Yes, you can access and check your accounts on a real-time basis.

How will oBiz assist my bookkeeping?
oBiz will take care of all your accounting records in a systematic environment just for you.

Will I get my monthly accounts done?
Yes, you will not only receive monthly accounts, but you will also receive a basic trend analysis and view of identified financial risks, if any.

I have never done bookkeeping for business. Can I get my past records also done?
Yes, you can also get your past accounting records to do with oBiz. Please get in touch with us for a quotation on that.

What happens if I have a question or need support?
oBiz provides customer support through different means, such as email and phone. We strive to resolve your queries within 24 business hours.

What measures does oBiz take to ensure data protection and privacy?
At oBiz, data protection and privacy are of utmost importance. We adhere to stringent data safety norms and follow best industry practices to prevent unauthorised access or loss of data.

Can I cancel or upgrade my package anytime?
Yes, with oBiz, you can cancel or upgrade your package anytime.